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Yerevan Outdoor Advertising Festival presents six nominations for advertising agencies ranging among creative, tactical, social, unrealized or best advertising campaigns.


The submitted works will be evaluated based on their creative solutions, media planning, ethical factors, objectives, novelty and design. The jury will review all the shortlisted projects and select relevant works for each nomination. Advertising campaigns released since November, 2020, will be accepted to the festival. 


Advertising campaigns carrying unethical, violent or discriminatory elements will be disqualified.


The six nominations of YOAF 2021 are presented below.

1.  Creative approach to outdoor advertising

2. Best Advertising campaign

3. Best Social Advertising

4. The Best Advertising Means

5. Unimplemented Advertising campaign

6. Tactical Advertising

To be a part of the fest please send us your advertisements following this link. The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2021. 

* We are accepting all applications, checking them to make sure that they are in line with our rules, and present them the way you sent to our jury. 

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