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Araz Baghdasaryan
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Head of Jury,
YOAF Co-Founder


Araz is a marketing and advertising professional with over 13 years of experience in the field. Having worked both in private and public agencies at Armenia, Araz Baghdasaryan has a vast array of expertise on the market, clear understanding of major players of it and main advertising and management techniques used in Armenia and beyond. As the Head of the Department of External Design and Outdoor Advertising, Araz has implemented many campaigns to make the city’s advertising facade look professional and engaging, as well as worked closely with major advertisers towards getting high quality and innovative outdoor advertising examples. Araz is the former head of the department of External Design and Advertising at Yerevan Municipality.

YOAF President,
Co-Founder of YOAF

Emma is a Marketing Advertising professional with over 17 years of experience. 

Graduated from University College London, UK, Emma holds 2 masters' degrees - one in Management and one in International Relations. 

For all of her career Emma worked in the area of marketing/advertising and communications. She advises EU, and World Bank on varuos projects and currently is managing her own marketing agency - Saege Consultants. 

" The Inception of YOAF was hard, to say the least - it was pretty difficult to convince top advertising professionals to visit Armenia and invest their experience in developing the area here, but here we are, holding the 4th YOAF with the best of the best, Yes, we did it! I an very proud of what YOAF has become to be , and I am excited to see the growing interest towards the fest each year... indeed, this is a good indication that we are doing a good job!"

Emma is proud to be in the sources of two very successful enterprises - Saege Consultants and Yoaf, can not imagine her life without teaching at the university, martial arts and Star Wars. She  is passionate about personal branding, and was the first Armenian to speak at London's D&AD Festival of Creativity on... Personal Branding!

T. 123-456-7890

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